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Solar Plate Designs by Katherine Dewey

Because each of these images is done in 600 dots-per-inch resolution, just click on the small versions below to call up the large, photo ready texture sheet pattern. Once the large version displays, right click on it and save to disk. Print the images on transparency sheets for use with your solar photo plate developement to produce crisp stamps or polymer clay reliefs through your pasta machine. I will be adding more designs you may have fun with, so check back later. The images are sized so that at 100% reproduction they will produce about a 4X6-inch image. Of course, you can change the sizes of your prints at will, depending on the scale you are working in. -- Katherine

[Learn how to use these designs in Katherine's Solar Plates workbook!]

click any image to download the high-resolution version
when the large image appears, just right click it and save to disk
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270 KB